The song your grace by JAMES EMMANUEL give a deep insight on the humble way of seeking and obtaining GRACE and MERCY from GOD.He spend time to meditate on how GOD can be so closed to man and also think on how man can be raise up from sinful and sorrowful life to abundant grace .After all this,he finally notice that man can only survive by the GRACE of GOD..

JAMES EMMANUEL is a very humble,obedience,handsome and GOD fare man....born in KADUNA STATE by a very wonderful family (LATE MR&MRS JAMES) and was brought up in KOGI STATE by a very indigenous caring family of (MR&MRS OMEBI SIMON),A family that care for people, who's sacrifices all they have for the sake and surviver of JAMES EMMANUEL. In JAMES EMMANUEL's family,they are five in numbers and he was the third born child followed by two seedling who are late also....He lost his Father,Mother and Junior once at a very tender age.

When we talk of hobbit:::::: JAMES EMMANUEL love to be creative,he perfectly do what he never learn from any body,such Electrical work and so many things unmentioned.People call JAMES EMMANUEL mr jack of all trades, master of some..

When we talk of life::::JAMES EMMANUEL has experience so many things in life such as facing some personal challenges,family and others. The life he lived today is of GOD GRACE and of the grace of his guidance MR&MRS Simon Omebi...Upon all the challenges he pass through in life ,he never thought of given up,he believed in GOD,his self and also in what he does.He never listen to any discourages advice's from any body but always busy with his self ,GOD and his focus.
HIS ADVICE:::: For you becoming some body in life ,you must pass through some worldly hells and other wise....for a mansion you see today is not build in a day.....just be wise and finally,,,,Think hard about your tomorrow and the working begin from today..GOD BLESS YOU ALL for being part of my success story..